The idea of transplanting USB wireless network card to RTEMS

My main goal of GSOC 2017 project is Porting the USB wireless network card to RTEMS.

In the previous study, i ported the network adapter driver from FreeBSD to RTEMS-libbsd. So RTEMS-libbsd has the FreeBSD lib file which can support the FreeBSD driver.

To be honest, This part of the work is more difficult than the network adapter,
because it involves the USB driver and the wireless network protocol stack, there are a variety of bus compatibility. The USB driver also includes many details, such as many kinds of protocols, I believe that by transplanting the work of the wireless card,
I will benefit from it。

Thus, The main reference to the transplant is FreeBSD driver, I think the USB should be able to facilitate the transplant to rtems-libbsd. The basic system libraries are the same. Including USB and wireless network protocol stack.

The following figure is freebsd on the BBB wireless card source directory:

The following figure is the USB source code directory:



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