Project Introduction

This summer, i will working for RTEMS.
My project name is Beagleboard BSP projects: Improvement of I2C, USB and wireless BSP for Beaglebone Black.

Project Abstract:
  This project aims to improve the Beaglebone Black BSP support on RTEMS. Project intends
to add the following supports to the Beaglebone Black BSP: I2C support, USB device
support, Wireless network card support, USB dongle support. The wireless network support
make the RTEMS can apply on many application scenarios such as the four rotor unmanned
aerial vehicle. makes RTEMS more attractive for the user community.

Project Description:
  RTEMS is a open source embedded hard real-time operating system, It good at real-time,
stability, development speed and multi-processor support. And compare with VxWorks,
open source is the advantage of RTEMS. Now RTEMS is already working on Beaglebone
Black, As so far, the ADC, PWM, GPIO is supported on BBB, But the BSP support is not
enough, The users have limited capabilities available for them to work with.
  So what i want to do is provide more BSP support on BBB to RTEMS. Such as USB ,
Wireless network card , I2C etc. I think the USB and wireless network will be a great helpful
for RTEMS application, cause once RTEMS connect to the internet without the cable, which
means RTEMS can apply in many senses such as the UAV, self-driving car, or even the IoT.
And i believe RTEMS will attract more and more user and developer with wireless network
  Beaglebone Black(BBB) is a card computer with the Ti AM3358 CPU, Peripherals include
the ethernet card, USB client, USB host, SD card, I2C, SPI etc. USB driver is a very
important module for embedded system, many application base on the USB, like the USB
mass storage, media device, keyboard and mouse etc. However the USB driver
development is very complicated and difficult, not only the many kinds of USB protocol,
but also the many kinds of USB device. So my first goal is achieve the wireless network card
USB driver, and there is no doubt that i will develop other USB device driver that would be
  I2C is another important driver which need to be done for RTEMS BBB BSP, I2C is a kind
of two-wire serial bus, the Advantages of I2C is the less interface line,the simple control
mode, the high communication speed etc, And I2C is a popular communication interface of
many sensors. So, with the i2c support, RTEMS on BBB can do a lot in IoT and Automotive
application etc.
  To summarize,My project will bring following things to RTEMS Beaglebone Black BSP:

●I2C driver support (GSOC 2016 unfinished work)
●USB driver support
●USB dongle support
●USB wireless network card support

Why i chose Beaglebone Black BSP project as my project:
● Beaglebone Black is a popular open source development board. But compare with
Raspberry Pi,RTEMS BSP support for Beaglebone Black is not enough for developer.
So i think i can make some contributions for RTEMS BBB BSP support.
● I dream of contributing to the open source community, i believe i will gained a lot
from the global open source project.

Future Improvements:
I will certainly be involved in maintaining the code and references with respect to my
contribution. Also
1. I am planning to add Support for USB media to Beaglebone Black BSP after GSOC.
2. Next step would be to enable the other USB support for Beaglebone Black, such as
communication device, human machine input etc.



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